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Thursday, March 17, 2016

The Gruffalo by Julia Donaldson

This is my favourite book to read. I love the way it teaches bravery and confidence – resilience, really! I also love doing different voices for the different characters.

Reading Tips:
1.       Be surprised! Each animal is enticing until it realises the Gruffalo likes eating their kind. Then they react with surprise. When you get to the page where the Gruffalo appears, show shock! Kids love it.
2.       Move from shock to confidence. When the mouse realises the mouse moves from disbelief to belief he becomes terrified. Then, he sees opportunity. And he dares to use the same cheekiness he used to get away from every other animal to dissuade the Gruffalo – and he builds ultimate fear in each creature of his own superiority as they see, he really is friends with a real live Gruffalo.
3.       Enjoy giving each animal a personality and voice. This is done through speed, pitch and intonation.

4.       Have fun!

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